The Potential Hazards For First Time Credit Card Users

Offers for new credit cards arrive in the mail daily.  Even if you have filed for bankruptcy, you will find that the offers seem to increase.  It is very easy to get into trouble due to credit cards use.  First time credit card users are often uneducated about the potential hazards of using credit cards and how to avoid financial diffculty.  When cash is in short supply, it is quite easy to cahrge your daily living expenses on your credit card.  You can soon find yourself over your credit limit and find that your interest rate has risen dramatically.

If you begin missing payments or making late payments on your credit cards, the result will be late fees and  multiple inquiries on your credit report.  If you have too many inquiries, your credit report will make you seem like a bad risk to lenders and it could even prevent you from getting a car loan, apartment, or even a new job if the employer requires a background check.  No matter  how tempting it may be to pay with your credit card, your debit card would be a better option.  Credit card debt can have long term effects on your finances.  Use your credit cards wisely and pay your balance in full each month.  With careful use of your credit cards, you can build a financial future that brings you rewards rather than hardships.