Using Credit Cards To Pay For College - Good Idea Or Bad Idea?

Paying for college tuition with your credit card may seem like a far-fetched idea, but in reality it's an idea worth considering.  Using your credit card to pay for college tuition could possible help you avoid debts in the future.  529 plans come in two varieties, pre-paid and savings.  529 plans are available in all states and the tax-exempt funds allow you to put money aside for college and there are currently credit card offers that include the opportunity to invest in a 529.

Fidelity Investments, UPromise, and BabyMint offer credit cards with rebates and special incentives that can be applied to a 529 college fund.  If you would like to start a 529 plan for your child, one of these credit cards could be a great value to you.  The interest rates are reasonable and if you pay your balance in full each month, you can make a decent contribution to your child's college fund using the rebates and incentives.  It could be that one of your existing credit cards includes a 529 contribution plan, so check with your credit card companies before applying for a new card.  If you begin when your children are very young, you could possibly finance an entire college education through the use of 529 plans associated with your credit card.